File upload with GO and FilePond

Implementing new features from scratch is sometimes challenging and even more, when you are a one man band trying to focus on the core system functionality of your Web application. If there is a feature that you need to provide to your customers but it is just a “nice to have” feature, it might be worth your time to go out and look for a well stablished library that can provide this feature

In this particular case, I was looking for a nice way to offer my customers an option to upload images to my application. I felt that spending several hours trying to build a custom react component that will allow me to do this was not something I was looking forward to, so I decided to do some research and that is how is stumbled upon this library called FilePond by pqina.

The library is really nice, has a nice UI and UX and provides the functionality I was looking for.

Once I setup the React client as instructed in FilePond website, I was able to create a very simple server with Go to process the uploads.

From the client side:

From the server side: